Environmental psychology, Privacy in the workplace (analysis of private territory in an office environment)

  • F Ebrahimi Bad Ashtiani
  • M Mino Sepehr
Keywords: work environment, Privacy, territory, Work quality


Work environment in the organization is one of important issues that is important all the time and the importance of and how to create a conducive environment and efficient human resources is emphasized; An environment with the proper definition of privacy and jurisdiction, can increase the growth and productivity of personnel and their values affect. With the complexity of structure and organizational performance, organizing work and creating a relaxed atmosphere and productivity, that leads to the activation of more manpower,their vitality, eliminate risk, increase quality in work, reducing depressants, growth in services is positive and ultimately achieve the desired productivity is the concerns of executives and supervisors of organizations. Today, with the advancement of technology and their help we can create environments to help resolve problems in the workplace and finally positive and high quality services for employees and managers who spend a lot of time working for companies and organizations. In this paper for qualitative analysis and comparison of samples it was tried to define the notion of privacy and its impact in the workplace has been associated with decreased anxiety.

Keywords: work environment, Privacy, territory, Work quality


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eISSN: 1112-9867