A glance on love & infidelity in "Captive" composed by Foroogh Farrokhzad

  • H Bassak
  • F.S. Bokharaei
Keywords: Foroogh, Love, Infidelity, Woman, Man


Love and amorous relations, infidelity, and disloyalty are inseparable parts of the modern human's life and are considered as social problems in human relations in communities. In conflict of the genders among the people the most conspicuous evidence is "ardent desire for love". Humans get married because of love and their intrinsic need for coexistence and separate from each other due to quench of love thirst resulted from change in attitudes, etc…Love is the sole standing where humans may find a true understanding of themselves and join other humans. Love is both disappointing and comforting at the same time. It is a powerful force that obeys its unique rules and reveals its messages in people's expectations and behavioral patterns. infidelity is defined as the establishment of sexual relations between two individuals from opposite sex outside the family relations that starts with infidelity and its major motivation is enjoyment. Establishing these relations is not possible without resorting to telling lie. Foroogh Farrokhzad as one of the contemporary female poets composed a collection of poems including 44 poems entitled "Captive" in 1952 in which the pain of love and infidelity is felt from every word.

Thus, the present research paper reviews her attitude about these two components -love and infidelity - through analyzing some of her poems in this collection and illustrates a different aspect of these themes. Love is illustrated as a pure spiritual desire that even its memorial gives a fresh life to the lover. She believes that infidelity is offering this pure love incarnated in body to the beloved who does not know anything except physical enjoyment.

Keywords: Foroogh, Love, Infidelity, Woman, Man


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