Linear and non-linear simulation of joints contact surface using beam-like component

  • A Chonnani Mohisanzadeh
  • H Jalali
  • M Rajaei
Keywords: micro-slip, non-linear joints, finite elements, beam-like component


The joint modelling including non-linear effects needs accurate and precise study of their behaviors. When joints are under the dynamic loading, micro, macro- slip happens in contact surface which is non-linear reason of the joint contact surface. The non-linear effects of joint contact surface on total behavior of structure are measured by various criterions such as frequency response diagram and hysteresis loop. The objective of this research is first studying a two freedom degree system including non-linear component of hysterical valance to show its non-linear effects on structure behavior. Later, a non-linear contact model called beam-like component was simulated by ANSYS software was used amplitude to simulate joints contact surface of cantilever beam. Being linear or non-linear of this model was proved  by various criterions such as frequency response diagram, hysteresis loop, and energy dissipation diagram with excitation force. The results show acceptable accuracy and modelling precision.

Keywords: micro-slip, non-linear joints, finite elements, beam-like component


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1112-9867