Safi al din Hilli’s Ehtijaj in Ghadiriyah poems against Ibn Motez’s Ba’iyeh

  • K Ahvaziyan
Keywords: Safi al-din Hilli, Ibn Motez’s, Ghadir, shia


Ghadiriyah isa kind of poem which has highliterary valueand position since it comes out of the poet’s feeling. The poets and scholars have two different reactions against the event of Ghadir. Ghadir is an original and valid document and is the identity of Shia; it is a part of Shia’s literature andis used in the most of poems. A group of poets defend their rights and make their poems eternal by showing this historical great event in their poems. The other group has a reaction against the first group. In this study Safi al-dinHillli’s Ghadiriyah will be investigated in order to reject Ibn Motez’s Ba’iyeh, which is prose poetry with simple words and is admired by common people. Also a few literary devices such as simile, metonym and metaphor are used to show the Koranic, narrative and historical features of the poem, the political and social position of the poet and the atmosphere of its creation.

Keywords: Safi al-din Hilli, Ibn Motez’s, Ghadir, shia


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print ISSN: 1112-9867