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Stylistics of Hajmirza Habib Khorasani’s sonnets

H Ali Shakaki


This study investigates stylistics of Haj Mirza Habib Khorasani’s sonnets in three levels, language, literature and thought meanwhile, introduces him as a well-known poet, mystic and priest in Mashrute era, to achieve better appreciation of the poetic themes of Mashrute period. Although, the sonnets of Mashrute era are repetitive and vulgar, Habib’s sonnets are an exceptional since they are the expression of feelings and his inner experiences. His sonnets in the language level is of the most successful poems from outer music view because, has selected the most appropriate and the most frequent rhythms to express the mystical ideas. There are successful sonnets in his side sonnets because more than two third of his sonnets are row and the rhyme of his sonnets are mostly nominal rhymes and the rhyme of his most sonnets are placed according to the syllable pattern CVC in the line of companion. In the level of inner music, the majority of his master stroke is about allusion and in language and literature level his sonnets are lack of innovation and creativity such as other poets in Mashrute era as he has turned into animitator poet and the most strength and validity of his poem is in thought level, who is a bold and brave poet as has criticized the Sheikh and other aspects of Sharia and has expressed his own pure mystical thoughts which exclusively, result in his spiritual experiences.

Keywords: Habib Khorasani, Mashrute sonnet, Stylistics in three levels of language, literature and thought

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