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Association between organizational justice and productivity of human resources: a study at the Jundishapur Medical Sciences University of Ahvaz

M Zahiri
K Shakhi
R Dehghani
F Faraji Khiavi


Objective: From the management perspective, productivity is defined as the successful utilization of resources to achieve the desired goals. training and improvement of human resources are one of the several ways for increasing the productivity of human resources. Organizational justice is another factor affecting the productivity but has received little or no consideration. Organizational justice refers to the perceptions of employees about the fairness and fair behavior of the management on the job. Justice processes play an important role in all organizations. Besides, the manner in which the organizations deal with their employees can greatly influence their beliefs, feelings, attitudes, and behavior This correlational descriptive study aims to determine the association between organizational justice and productivity of human resources in Jundishapur Medical Sciences University of Ahvaz.

Methods: 376 employees of the university were randomly sampled. Persian version of Niehoff and Moorman's organizational justice questionnaire and Hersey and Goldsmith's human resources productivity questionnaire were used for data collection.

Results: The results of this study based on the dimensions of organizational justice indicated that the perception of total organizational justice among the included employees was relatively inappropriate, and only the dimension of interactional justice was estimated to be in the relatively appropriate condition.The study also showed a positive and significant association between organizational justice and human resources' productivity.

Conclusions: As the organizational justice scenario is bad, therforeit is essential that the managers ensure a fair and just environment for the employees. This is essential to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the employees to achieve organizational goals. It was found that that the higher the perception of organizational justice especially procedural justice, the more was the productivity index in the organization. In addition, a medium, positive, and significant association was observed between distributive justice and the productivity of the employees.

Keywords: Organizational Justice, Human Resources, Productivity, Administration, Workforce

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print ISSN: 1112-9867