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Forecast accuracy of determining pseudo range in satellite navigation system through analysis of data from ionosphere monitoring

K.A. Katkov
V.P. Pashintsev
E.K. Katkov
N.N. Gakhova
R.P. Gakhov
A.I. Titov


Annotation: The paper deals with the detection of wave arrival time errors in satellite navigation system by measurements conducted by stationary information system ionosphere monitoring. Develop a method of detecting the field increased ionization and the detection of the conditions for possible reduction of positioning accuracy in the presence of local ionospheric irregularities.

The author examines in detail all mathematical aspects of the nature of the error; visual diagrams and graphs, as well as exhaustive mathematical calculations accompany the study. The article also discusses the process and results of computer modeling, an error that arises based on the data provided by the author, and allows one to verify the author's proposed method of detecting and predicting the occurrence of an error in determining the location. In the conclusion satity, the author speaks about the method of applying the developed method in the context of a specialized information system capable of preserving the positioning accuracy on the navigation radio signal.

Keywords: radio navigation systems, pseudo range, monitoring, data analysis

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print ISSN: 1112-9867