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Provide students' self-fulfillment through the application of modern information technology in higher education

E.N. Shutenko
M.A. Kanishcheva
J.J. Kovtun
J.P. Derevyanko
A.I. Shutenko


The level of development of modern information technologies requires their wider application in the higher school including for solving the problem of complete self-fulfillment of students during university education. The current study established attributive and modal signs of students’ self-fulfillment associated with certain functions of modern information technologies. A set of these functions is represented by two contours – actual and potential. The actual contour consists of such functions as descriptive, representative, exponing, navigation-orientation, search-euristic etc. The contour of potential functions of information technologies consists of such functions as reflexive, constructive-modelling, the function of personalization, activating, translimitive, temporal, inclusive etc. Together both contours of functions form the holistic information environment of opportunities for students' selffulfillment in the format of "person-to-person" educational interaction.

Keywords: the higher school, information technologies, attributes and modalities of students’ self-fulfillment, personal-centered functions of information technologies

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print ISSN: 1112-9867