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Statistical analysis of agarwood oil compounds in discriminating the quality of agarwood oil

N.S.A. Zubir, M. A. Abas, N. Ismail, M.H.F. Rahiman, S.N. Tajuddin, M.N. Taib


Enhancing and improving the discrimination technique is the main aim to determine or grade the good quality of agarwood oil. In this paper, all statistical works were performed via SPSS software. Two parameters involved are abundance of compound (%) and quality of t agarwood oil either low or high quality. The result showed that, there is clear significant normality test depends on the parameters through the boxplot and Quantile plot for data distribution. Then, Kolmogorov hypothesis were covered in normality test. The techniques proved their capabilities in statistical analysis for agarwood oil compounds and confirmed that the data is suitable for further work especially for classification.

Keywords: agarwood oil SPSS; boxplot; Quantile-Quantile (Q-Q) plots;  Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S); non-parameter test hypothesis.
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