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Steam temperature control of essential oil extraction system using Fuzzy-Fopi controller

M. Tajjudin, N. Ishak, M.H.F. Rahiman, R. Adnan


This research proposed a closed-loop temperature control using a self-tuning fuzzy fractional-order PI (FOPI) controller to overcome the problem. The controller will regulate the steam temperature at a desired level to protect the oil from excessive heat. Self capability of fuzzy rules was found to facilitate the tuning using only information about output error and rate of output error. The proposed controller was found to be more in terms of energy consumption and produce better response compared to self-tuning fuzzy PI. Essential oil quality assessment was also performed for citronella oil samples that were extracted at 85ºC and 100ºC (uncontrolled). Significant improvement had been observed in the sample extracted at 85ºC based on physical and chemical evaluations using refractive index measurement and GC-MS analysis.

Keywords: fuzzy control; fractional-order PID; essential oil extraction; hydro-steam distillation.
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