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Web-based virtual learning environment (EmoViLe) with emotive interface feature

M. Mokhsin, A. A. Aziz, A. Z. Shahuddin, A. M. Lokman, M. S. Idris


This study attempts to obtain the user requirements for the EmoViLe during the data collection and to identify the user requirement for the EmoViLE. This VLE will be benefited to the student by improving the user experience and increasing their engagement when using the VLE, and lecturer in helping them to understand their student better and to come out with a better future plan for their learning assessment. The methodology in doing this study are Phase 1 which involved the initial study on the previous work, Phase 2 is the data collection on the user requirement, Phase 3 which involves the design process of the VLE, Phase 4 is the development phase of the VLE and Phase 5 is the testing on the prototype of the VLE. The expected outcome is a prototype of the VLE with the emotive interface feature that can contribute for the improvement and betterment on teaching and learning process between students and lecturer.

Keywords: emotions; virtual learning environment; web-based teaching; web-based learning dashboard; Kansei engineering
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