Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

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Enhanced index tracking in portfolio optimization with two-stage mixed integer programming model

W.S. Lam, S.H. Jaaman, W.H. Lam


Enhanced index tracking is a portfolio management which aims to construct the optimal portfolio to generate higher return than the benchmark index return at minimum tracking error without purchasing all the stocks that make up the index. The objective of this paper is to propose a two-stage mixed integer programming model to improve the existing single-stage mixed integer programming model for tracking FBMKLCI Index in Malaysia. The optimal portfolio performance of both models are determined and compared in terms of portfolio mean return, tracking error, excess return and information ratio. The results of this study indicate that the optimal portfolio of the proposed model generates weekly excess return over the benchmark FBMKLCI index return at minimum tracking error. Besides that, the proposed model is able to outperform the existing model in tracking the benchmark index.

Keywords: mean return; tracking error; optimal portfolio; portfolio performance
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