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Seismic performance on stiffness and hysteresis loop of interior wall-slab joint for tunnel form building designs to British standard

M.A. Masrom, H.M. Yee, M.E. Mohamed, N.H.A. Hamid


Wall-slab is a system suitable for use in the field of high-rise building where the main load resisting system is in the form rigidly connected wall-slab member. This paper presents the performance of a full-scale wall-slab joint in tunnel form system subjected to lateral cyclic loading. The objectives are to determine seismic behavior on the hysteresis loops and stiffness. Interior wall-slab joint was tested up to failure drift of 1.5%. The biggest hysteresis loops were occurred at the closest to the double actuator. The stiffness of wall-slab joint started to decrease from 0.25% drift until 0.5% drift and lost it stiffness after 0.5% drift. Incretion of the percentage of reinforcement bars in the wall-slab and proper detailing at joint is required for seismic loading.

Keywords: wall-slab; hysteresis; stiffness; joint; cyclic
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