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Personal strategic planning mobile application: preliminary study

D.M. Bamasoud, A.S. Alqhtani, A.S. Alakloby, A.H. Alakloby, N.S. Alaklobiand, R.S. Alshahrani


An important aspect of successful personal planning is to promote the individual to commit to his own plans. Although of the importance of personal planning in all aspects of individuals’ daily life and future, failure is a predictable result of a non-well managed and written plans. Hence, smartphones nowadays become a necessity for individuals their usage in daily life has become a basic need. With the recent advances in the capabilities of smartphones and their growing penetration rate among the individuals, it is possible to take advantage of these devices to design a mobile application to promote personal strategic planning. The paper reviews relevant literature and designs an instrument to investigate the need for such mobile applications for the individuals.

Keywords: personal strategic planning; smartphones; mobile application
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