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Evaluation on knowledge extraction and machine learning in resolving Malay word ambiguity

M.F. Yahaya, N.A. Rahman, Z.A. Bakar, H Hasmy


The involvement of linguistic professionals in resolving the ambiguity of a word within a particular context will produce a concise meaning of the words that are found in the lexical knowledge based collection. Motivated from that issue, we employed lexical knowledge and machine learning approach which includes the integration of data or/and information from the lexical knowledge based, that is Malay collections which linked to the ambiguous words. We used the most open class word and removed the stop words from the targeted sentences. Experiments have been conducted with and without lexical knowledge on 50 ambiguous words. The Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) method is determined by machine learning, corpus based approaches namely Malay-Malay corpus and English-Malay corpus. The results show that the proposed method has improved the precision in resolving ambiguity.

Keywords: ambiguity; lexical knowledge; machine learning; Malay word
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