Fuzzy logic system for BBT based fertility prediction

  • M. S. M. Yazed
  • F. Mahmud
  • M. Morsin
Keywords: family planning, fertility, BBT, fuzzy logic.


This paper introduce a fuzzy logic system for fertility prediction to improve the BBT
technique based on FAM. The development of the fertility prediction system using fuzzy logic
is motivated by its ability to conduct a complex relationships that exist between the input and
its factors, which can address the issue of imprecision in the fertility prediction. According to
the reference sets of BBT data tested on the fuzzy logic system for the prediction of ovulation
and pregnancy, a significant result have been obtained with the accuracy of 95 % and 80
respectively. Besides, this prediction system using fuzzy logic could improve the current
practice in the FAM technique by integrating it with an Internet of Things (IoT) technology
for automatic BBT charting and monitoring.

Keywords: family planning; fertility; BBT; fuzzy logic.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867