Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

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Al-Quran ontology based on knowledge themes

A Ta'a, Q.A. Abed, M Ahmad


Islamic knowledge is gathered through the understanding the Al-Quran. It requires ontology which can capture the knowledge and present it in a machine readable structured. However, current ontology approaches is irrelevant and inaccuracy in producing true concepts of Al-Quran knowledge, because it used traditional methods that only define the concepts of knowledge without connecting to a related theme of knowledge. The themes of knowledge are important to provide true meaning and explanation of Al-Quran knowledge classification. The main aims of this paper are to demonstrate the development of ontology Al-Quran and method used for searching the Al-Quran knowledge using the semantic search approach. Expert review has been applied to validate the ontology model and evaluate the relevance and precision of searching results.

Keywords: Al-Quran ontology; knowledge retrieval; knowledge representation; semantic web; RDF/OWL
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