The development of assistive courseware for young low vision learners based on multiple intelligence theory

  • A Nurulnadwan
  • A.M. Ariffin
  • S Siti Mahfuzah
Keywords: interaction design, child-computer interaction, assistive technology, low vision, multiple intelligence theory


This paper reports an ongoing study regarding the development of Assistive Courseware (AC) which specifically designed catering to the needs of low vision learners in learning activities. Previous literatures state that most of the available digital interactive learning content means too little to them, particularly in terms of content presentation. Therefore, this study solves the problem by developing an assistive courseware (AC), which is named as AC for Low Vision Learners (AC4LV). The AC was developed by utilizing Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory as guidance. In addition, three basic steps, which are pre-production, production, and post-production have been utilized in developing the AC. As a result, an AC4LV based on MI theory was successfully produced. Future works of this study is to test the experience of using AC4LV among the low vision learners in terms of it usefulness.

Keywords: interaction design; child-computer interaction; assistive technology; low vision; multiple intelligence theory


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867