New flood risk index in tropical area generated by using SPC technique

  • A. S. M. Saudi
  • I. S. D. Ridzuan
  • A. Balakrishnan
  • A. Azid
  • D. M. A. Shukor
  • Z. I. Rizman
Keywords: flood risk index, statistical process control, chemometric technique, tropical area, control limit, prediction performance.


This study applied four hydrology parameters. The findings from Principal Component
Analysis confirmed that all selected parameters were significant to be taken as main tools for
further analysis with result of R2> 0.7. SPC set up a new control limit for all selected
parameters in the study area. For those data within or beyond the Upper Control Limit value, it
was being considered as high risk for flood occurrence. New flood risk index within range
from 0-100 was calculated using a combination of new algebraic equation and control limit
values obtained from SPC analysis as variable. The accuracy of FRI was tested using ANN.
The result showed the accuracy of FRI was more than 90%. It can be stipulated that the
combination of chemometric techniques and SPC can produce a new standard FRI which is
cost effective, accurate and flexible to be applied for the purpose of flood risk control in
tropical area.

Keywords: flood risk index; statistical process control; chemometric technique; tropical area;
control limit; prediction performance.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867