Evaluation on the effects of P. ostreatus spent mushroom compost and BAP hormone towards C. nutans in vitro culture

  • S.N. Hashim
  • W.N.H.W. Anuar
  • C.C. Tay
  • S.H.R.S. Mahmud
Keywords: spent mushroom compost, Benzylaminopurine, Clinacanthus nutans performance, waste.


Realization in minimizing production cost for in vitro culture had brought to a study on
application of P. ostreatus spent mushroom compost (SMC). Sterile nodal explants was
inoculated on different treatments with 15 replicates each. Treatments were MS medium
supplemented with different concentrations of SMC (1 and 2 %) and Benzylaminopurine
(BAP) at 0.01, 0.1 and 1.0 mg/L respectively. Observation on plant growth parameters were done and data was recorded on week eight.It can be concluded that high concentration of BAP (1.0 mg/L) with greater SMC concentrations (2%) had showed highest shoots regeneration (4.59±0.76), shoot length (1.6 ±0.36 cm) and number of leaves (10.33±0.58). This study proved that the interaction between SMC and BAP had formedand influenced the regeneration performance of C. nutans

Keywords: spent mushroom compost; Benzylaminopurine; Clinacanthus nutans performance; waste.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867