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Simulation on the shock attenuation behavior of coupled RHA and sandwich composite panel under blast loading

M.F.M. Isa, M.S. Risby, M.N. Norazman, S. Khalis, M.N. Hafizi, S. Arif


This paper presents the shock attenuation behavior of engineering materials namely Rolled Homogenous Armor (RHA) and sandwich composite when subject to blast loadings. Blast loading on sandwich composite structure and monolithic material are investigated using LSDYNA 3D with Arbitrary LagrangianEulerian (ALE) method. Dynamic response in terms of shock was analyzed in order to understand the shock attenuation of monolithic structure and sandwich structures. Based from the results, coupled RHA and sandwich composite structure configuration exhibit highest  attenuation capability of 61.3% respectively. The study can be used as reference tool for the application related to automotive, naval and aeronautical structures, oil and gas industry.

Keywords: shock attenuation; composite; survivability; honeycomb.
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