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IC<sub>50</sub> of Ganoderma lucidum extract on oral cancer cells, ORL-48T

N. S. Syairah
N. M. S. Rawaidah
G. R. A. Froemming
I. M. Amin
M.Y.P.M. Yusof
G. H. Khor


Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer worldwide and Malaysia ranked 14 in the world for oral cancer incidence. Despite recent advancement in treatment modalities, the prognosis and survival rates for oral cancer patients have not improved significantly over the past decades. Ganodermalucidum has long been used in Chinese traditional and conventional medicine for prevention and treatment of various diseases. The cytotoxic effect of G. lucidum towards oral cancer cell line was determined in this study using in vitro model study. After 24 h treatment with G. lucidum, the IC50 of G. lucidum extract obtained was 310 ± 0.1 μg/mL. Thus, this study shows a preliminary evidence of G. lucidum cytotoxic activity towards oral cancer cell line, ORL-48T.


Keywords: oral cancer; ganodermalucidum; MTT assay; cytotoxic effect; IC50.