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Atriplex halimus (Amarantacees) callogenesis induction from different explant type

Y. Halfaoui, A. Kadiri, Z. Ighilhariz


For Atriplex halimus valorization by in vitro tissue culture, a callogenesis protocol is initiated in order to study the different factors that influence cell proliferation in this species. For this purpose, different explants (leaves, cut stems, cotyledonary leaves, hypocotyls and apexes) are cultured on MS [1] and B5 medium [2], with half strength macroelements and added with different concentrations of 2,4-D and kinetin. The results evaluation shows that callogenesis depends on the culture medium mineral composition, the hormones concentration and the explant type. The B5 medium with half strength macroelements (B5/2) seems to be the most favorable for callogenesis induction compared to MS medium with half strength macroelements (MS/2). The results also show that the stem and hypocolyl explants are the most reactive and that the use of 0.5 mg / l 2,4-D + 0.5mg / l Kin gives the best callogenesis rates.

Keywords: halophyte; MS medium; B5 medium; tissue culture
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