Retrospective study of epidemiological, clinicopathological and biological profils of 62 colorectal cancers cases in Jijel provence (Algeria)

  • A. Abbes
  • H. Rechreche
  • R. Brinet
  • S. Boulkhiout
  • N. Souilah
  • M. Benali
Keywords: Colorectal cancer, Epidemiology, Therapy, Adenocarcinoma, K-RAS gene


In Algeria, the CRC wing and become the first digestive cancer in both sexes,  outperforming stomach cancer. To enrich the Algerian cancer registries, we analyzed the profiles of patients with these cancers in Jijel Willaya. This was a retrospective and descriptive analysis of epidemiological, clinicopathological and biological profiles of 62 CRC cases. We found that the CRC represented the first type of digestive cancers in which the three quarters were colon cancers. The most affected age group was 60-70 years with a male predominance and an average age of 56.20 years. The bleeding and abdominal pain were the majority telltale signs. The combined chemotherapy has been standardized with all patients and the Lieberkühnien adenocarcinoma was the major histological form. The disease issue and the choice of therapy depended on the K-RAS gene mutations. Our results were often compatible with the available literature and may provide reliable and relevant data on this disease.

Key words: Colorectal cancer; Epidemiology; Therapy; Adenocarcinoma; K-RAS gene


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eISSN: 1112-9867