Post-match recall of serve and serve-return patterns in high-performance junior male and female tennis players

  • H. Hizan
  • P. Whipp
  • M. Reid
Keywords: serve-return, memory recall, knowledge base


This study examined the capability of high-performance junior tennis players to recall spatial distribution of the serve and serve-returns during a national tennis competition.
in two age categories namely under 12 (n= 13) and under 16 (n=19)were tested on recall
memory of their performance. There is no gender or age group differences existin the players’
capacity to detect and document their own and their opponent’s service and serve patterns. Mann-Whitney U test showed that the players had comparably developed declarative knowledge bases. The use of more objective notational, game reviews or instructional tools, particularly for players within this age group. Junior players are encouraged to improve and reshape the core aspects of cognitive processing such as memory, attention and sensory processing, through interactive multimedia software technology and self-organized learning environments.

Keywords: serve-return; memory recall; knowledge base

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eISSN: 1112-9867