The beneficial usage of water treatment sludge as pottery product

  • A. B. Azinoor Azida
  • A. Azida
  • M. A. Wahid
  • F. Kamarudin
Keywords: chemical composition, mineral composition, physical characteristics, pottery product, water sludge.


The disposal of sludge from water treatment operations has become a major problem in Malaysia. The problem becomes acute because of scarcity of space for installation of sludge treatment facilities and disposal of treated sludge. Traditionally, treated sludge from water treatment plant will be sent to landfill for disposal. This method does not benefit anybody besides creating other problems. Instead of considering it as a waste, sludge must be considered as a quality by-product that can be changed into beneficial product for consumer. As a pilot study, this research only emphasize on characterization of water treatment sludge and its behaviour when mixed with clay. Mineralogical compositions were determined using XRD, XRF for chemical composition and physical testing including Atterberg limit test and particles size distribution. Identification of beneficial usage is based on the characteristics of water treatment sludge.

Keywords: chemical composition; mineral composition; physical characteristics; pottery product; water sludge.

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eISSN: 1112-9867