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Evaluation of RTD and thermocouple for PID temperature control in distributed control system laboratory

D. A. A. Nazarudin, M. K. Nordin, A. Ahmad, M. Masrie, M. F. Saaid, N. M. Thamrin, M. S. A. M. Ali


Temperature process control is an integral element in the syllabus of control engineering.
Generally, industrial processes can be simulated via proportional-integral-derivative(PID)
controller and various tunings methods. This paper proposes a process control laboratory and sequence of experiments in basic temperature control process. The experiments are performed on temperature control plant using resistor temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouple in a distributed control system laboratory. Five PID experiments are conducted. These include optimum tuning of the controller using Ziegler-Nichols process reaction-curve method, ultimate gain and response of various proportional band, integral band and derivative band values to the temperature control.PID tuning is observed and analyzed for the respective RTD and thermocouple sensors.

Keywords: RTD; thermocouple;distributed control system; temperature process control
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