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Synergistic co-cultivation of activated sludge and microalgae in enhancing lipid production and N-laden wastewater treatment

W. H. Leong, J. W. Lim, Y. Uemura, Y. C. Ho, M. S. Shaharun


The influence of inoculation ratios of activated sludge and microalgae were investigated in this study in the aspects of biomass yield, lipid yield and total nitrogen (TN) removal efficiency. It was observed that mixed culture of activated sludge/microalgae with the ratio 1:1 and 1:0.75 achieved a maximum lipid production up to 0.144 g/L and 0.133 g/L as compared with microalgae culture alone, which was only 0.081 g/L. The highest total nitrogen (TN) removal was observed with 1:1 and 1:0.75 ratios of activated sludge/microalgae cultures ranging from 96.3-96.9% removal efficiency, which was an improvement of about 90% removal efficiency compared to the activated sludge culture (6.25±0.08%). The flocculation efficiency was generally improved in mixed cultures of activated sludge andmicroalgae in comparison with only activated sludge culture and microalgae culture alone.

Keywords: activated sludge; microalgae; co-cultivation; lipid; nitrogen removal.
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