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Intelligence quotient and perceptual ability: an inter-relationship based on brainwave power ratio features

N. H. R. Azamin, A.H. Jahidin, M.S.A. Megat Ali, M.N. Taib


Cognitive ability refers to the characteristic approach by the brain in processing information. These can be observed through various aspects of cognition such as intelligence and perceptual ability. Studies have shown that both mental constituents originate from the same neurological substrate in the prefrontal cortex. Hence, the paper discusses the relationship between intelligence and perceptual ability using electroencephalogram (EEG) features. The study is based on resting brainwave of fifty samples and focused on the left and right prefrontal cortex. The intelligence quotient (IQ) scores obtained are then used to establish the control groups. Subsequently, the pattern of alpha and theta power ratio for each IQ level is observed and successfully correlated with perceptual ability through the Neural Efficiency Hypothesis of intelligence.

Keywords: EEG; intelligence; IQ; perceptual ability; power ratio.
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