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Lower limb kinematics analysis during roundhouse kick among novices in muay thai

C. Chinnasee, N. I. Mohamad, A. M. Nadzalan, A. H. A. Sazili, W. Hemapandha, L. Pimjan, T. K. Azizuddin Khan, K. Tan


This study was conducted to examine the lower limb kinematics during roundhouse kick in
MuayThai. Fifteen MuayThai novices (mean age = 21.52 ± 1.09 years old) with 2-3 months
experiences in MuayThai training were recruited and were asked to perform roundhouse kick
for each side of legs (dominant and non-dominant). Joint angles and velocity between the
dominant and non-dominant lower limb were compared during both strikes. Dominant lower
limb were shown to have greater hip flexion velocity, knee flexion velocity, ankle upward and
lateral velocity compared to the non-dominant lower limb. Results demonstrated the
asymmetries between dominant and non-dominant sides of lower limbs existed during
roundhouse kick among novices in MuayThai.

Keywords: asymmetry, attacking strike, joint angle, velocity, novice.
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