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Construct validity and reliability of automated body reaction test

N. Salimin, M. I. Shahril, M. A. Mdtaff, G. Elumalai, R. Ahmad, H. M. Hizan, A. Hashim, M.F. Abdullah, S. K. Syed Ali


Automated Body Reaction Test (ABRT) is a new device for skills and physical assessment instrument to measure ability on react, move quickly and accurately in accordance with stimulus. A total of 474 subjects aged 7-17 years old were randomly selected for the construct validity (n=330) and reliability (n=144). The ABRT score were correlated with Nelson Choice Reaction Time test to find out the validity and reliability test conducted by using test retest prosedures. Finding of the study shows that the validity for students age 7-9 years (r=0,73), 10-12 years (r=0.87), 13-15 (r=0.87) and 16-17 years (r=0.89) meanwhile for reliability for students age 7-9 years (r=0,90), 10-12 years (r=0.87), 13-15 (r=0.88) and 16-17 years (r=0.88). Based on the finding, ABRT showed highly validity, reliability and as a new instrument to measure reaction time on healthrelated fitness.

Keywords: validity; reliability; reaction time; physical fitness
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