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The effectiveness of multilevel classification system for Sport psychology (MCS-SP) model for athletes performance functional evaluation

M. K. N. Haziyanti, A.R.M. Shariff, Y. Ahmad


This study attempted to distinguish issues and athletes’ problem into the category of performance function based on Multilevel Classification System for Sport Psychology (MCS-SP). In this study, athletes’ performance function were devided into Performance Development (PD) (n=54) and Performance Dysfunction (Pdy) (n=43). Using Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ) and Young Schema Questionnaire (YSQ-S3), the overall level of mindfulness skills and thinking schemes were moderate. PD athletes were standing
out significantly in mindfulness skills and few elements of thinking schemes such as self-sacrificing, unrelenting standards, and entitlement. Meanwhile, Pdy athletes were more likely to be in other side of thinking schemes elements. It can be seen that MCS-SP can be used as a standard reference for identifying athletes’ performance functional status and planning for better psychological interventions.

Keywords: Multilevel Classification System for Sport Psychology (MCS-SP), Performance
Function, Performance Development (PD), Performance Dysfunction (Pdy), MASUM athlete
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