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The assessment of psychomotor domain among reserve officers training team (Palapes)

A. Rahmat, M. I. Shahril, N. Salimin, M. A. R. Ahmad, A. M. Nadzalan


This study was conducted to determine the level of psychomotor domain among Reserve Officers Training Team (PALAPES) after underwent three years of training module. 105 PALAPES cadet officers were recruited as participants in this study. Co-curriculum index assessments (IPKo) were used to assess psychomotor domain achievement level. Results showed all psychomotor skills were rated only at a ‘good’ and ‘moderate’ level. The skill item showed the highest percentage of 65.7% cadets at ‘good’ level and 34.3% cadets are at ‘moderate’ level with mean value of 3.66. The overall mean of psychomotor skills (physical skills) is at a ‘good’ level of 3.56. Results demonstrate the effectiveness of co-curricular activities involvement among university students in developing psychomotor domains.

Keywords: co-curricular, psychomotor, training module, PALAPES, IPKo
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