A numerical analysis of the energy behavior of a parabolic trough concentrator

  • M Ghodbane
  • B Boumeddane
Keywords: Solar energy, parabolic trough concentrator, modelisation, optical efficiency, thermal efficiency


The solar power is a clean and a durable energy; there are several techniques for using them. When necessary to elevated temperatures of heat transfer fluid, this energy must concentration. This paper presents the efficiencies study of a linear solar concentrator of a parabolic trough type. This study was conducted on the device in Guemar area, this region is located in the state of El-Oued, which it is found in the south-east of Algeria. Six typical days were selected to conduct the study in them. The solar collector has been studied optically and thermally. The optical study was using SolTrace. Matlab was used as device of programmation to solve the non-linear system of mathematical equations. The method of finite differences in the implicit case was used as way of solution. The thermal efficiencies of the concentrator are very acceptable, it have exceeded 82 %.

Keywords: Solar energy; parabolic trough concentrator; modelisation; optical efficiency, thermal efficiency


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eISSN: 1112-9867