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The charged component of the vacuum field as the source of electric force in the modernized Le Sage’s model

S.G. Fedosin


The formula is derived for the electric force inside a uniformly charged spherical body, as well as for the Coulomb force between the charged bodies from the standpoint of the model of the vacuum field with charged particles. The parameters of the fluxes of charged particles are estimated, including the energy density, energy flux and cross section of interaction with the charged matter. The energy density of gravitons in the Le Sage’s gravitation model is expressed in terms of the strong gravitational constant. The charge to mass ratio is determined for the charged particles that make up photons and the charged component of the gravitational field. These particles are identified as praons, while the praon level of matter is considered a lower level relative to the nucleon level of matter. The analysis of the main problems of the Le Sage’s model shows that these problems can be eliminated in the modernized model.

Keywords: vacuum field; graviton field; electric force; praons; infinite nesting of matter

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print ISSN: 1112-9867