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Comparison between carbon fibre reinforced plastic, aluminium alloy and alloy steel for car hood application for impact test by using finite element analysis

M Mohamed, M.F.M. Din, F.R. Hashim, M.H.M. Amini, M.N. Masri, M.B.A. Bakar, M.K.A.A. Razab, Z.I. Rizman


This paper presents about importance to know the best material need to be applied using FEA in case of crashes in order for the hood to be rigid and enable safety. The increase of strength of car hood can increase the safety of car engine and car drivers. The SDA was investigated numerically using FEA. It simulates the impact test for car hood using SolidWorks simulation software. 3 different materials of car hood (Al 6061 T6 (SS), Steel AISI 1045 and CFRP-Sandwich composite) were examined by 4 different forces (870 N, 1370 N, 1870 N and 2370 N) that impacting the car hood.  The simulation result using different material of maximum stress and maximum displacement was successfully compared. CFRP-Sandwich composite has higher value of maximum displacement compare to Steel AISI 1045 and Al 6061-T6 (SS). CFRP-Sandwich composite has high flexibility in material properties. CFRP-Sandwich and Steel AISI 1045 almost have same value of stress. Both materials have high yield strength performance compared to Al 6061-T6 (SS).

Keywords: finite element analysis; carbon fiber reinforcement; Solidworks; car hood

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