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E-PLC: the development of a programmable logic controller trainer that translates mnemonic codes to hardware simulation

M.H.A.H.A.M. Faseh, F.N. Ismail, M.A. Majid, A.F.Z. Abidin, Z.M. Yusoff, R Rifin, K.K. Hasan, N.M. Ali, Z.I. Rizman


Programmable Logic Controller subject has been a core subject to most of the electrical engineering courses. Although Programmable Logic Controller is relevant to industry, it is expensive. This project aim is to design a low cost Programmable Logic Controller trainer that simulates user inserted mnemonic codes to the given electronic components. Furthermore, the trainer kit is designed to not only cater the tertiary level but also suitable for secondary level. The architecture of this trainer is using Arduino Mega as the brain that translates the mnemonic codes to electronic components execution. This trainer consists of seven basic instructions and nine electronic components.  To verify the functionality of the trainer kit, all possible scenarios had been tested and the result obtained shows the trainer works as expected.

Keywords: programmable logic controller; mnemonic codes; Arduino Mega; PLC; trainer

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