Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

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A review of graphene based material: present and future application on electronic packaging

M Mazlan, M.N.B. Omar, A.I.M. Shaiful, S Hussain, M.F.M. Roslan, M.N.H. Shaidan, Z.I. Rizman


Graphene is a two-dimensional material which composed of carbon atoms that arranged in a honeycomb-structure. Due to its excellent and unique properties, it has drawn an enormous interest among scientists nearly in every field of engineering and science. The aim of this review article is to provide a significant scientific progress of graphene up until now and to evaluate the prospect of its future application. Several key aspects have been reviewed which include the synthesis, functionalization, characterization, properties and its future application. Their thermal, electrical transport, mechanical properties, chemically derived graphene and other aspect also are discussed along with their future potential application. The article concludes with a brief discussion on the environmental impact of this graphene and the future prospects of this promising material.

Keywords: graphene, graphene oxide; reduced graphene oxide; Hummer method; chemical vapor deposition; chemically derived graphene

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