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Electronic word of mouth influence on consumer purchase intention

P Yu. Michelle


Several factors apt to influence consumers on buying a product or service. But with the emerging e-marketing experiences and e-strategies of organizations, consumers inclined on electronic word of mouth which was more convenient due to its promptness and accessibility. This type of e-marketing affects consumer on its purchase intention of product or service. Purchasing experiences were found online and the consumers will be able to access at their own pace which would help them in buying decision. The study focused on the six factors: consumer reviews, characteristics of the reviewer, characteristics of the website presented the reviews, interpersonal influence, product review characteristics and environment influence and how these factors influence the buying decisions of consumers. A quantitative study and questionnaire was used to collect data. The data was collected from three hundred thirty seven college students of Surigao del Sur State University. Results revealed that there was an affirmative impact of the factors of electronic word of mouth on consumer purchase intention. Furthermore, consumer reviews was the most dominant factor that influence consumer purchase intention. This paper is expedient for marketers in creating effective promotional strategies which will lead to their greater sales and ultimately greater profits. In the innovative Internet era, consumers are more active and have the capability to direct business organizations to the market. The study comprises valuable data to appreciate consumers’’ behavior in online platforms which could be beneficial in e-marketing strategies

Keywords: Electronic word of mouth, Purchase intention, Consumer

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