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Development and validation of an instrument to measure understanding in daily lesson plan

N.H.C.M. Ghazali, N.M. Rabi, N.A. Wahab, N.A.A. Rohaizad, N.A. Rahman


A valid, reliable and practical instrument is needed in measuring any kind of understanding. The purpose of this study is to develop and validate an instrument to measure the understanding in the daily lesson plan (DLP). The whole population is chosen as samples which involves 241 students enrolling in the bachelor degree of education in the final semester of the 2015/2016 session in the Malaysian institution of higher learning. The instrument (K-RPH) is developed based on the principles in the Madeline Hunter Model of Mastery Learning and The ASSURE Model. The instrument consists of 32 items with 160 rubrics with four main constructs namely analysing DLP, determining the objective of DLP, preparing learning experiences and evaluating and reflecting. Content validity is conducted by two experts in the field from the university. The instrument validity and reliability have been assessed using the Rasch Measurement Model by identifying the Rasch fit statistics, item difficulty, unidimensionality, item dispersion and reliability as well as the item distribution map. The Rasch analysis shows that the item reliability is 0.99 while the Cronbach Alpha is 0.96. All the items fit the model as their MNSQ values are between 0.75 and 1.49. The dispersion of items from K-RPH data is 10.29 which indicates the existence of 11 to 12 item strata group. No item shows a negative point measure correlation or less than 0.2, and this generally indicated that the item discrimination is very good.  The data shows that the mean for person is 1.38 logits with a standard deviation of 1.67 logits, while the item mean is zero with a standard deviation of 1.02. This indicates that the position of item and person do not fully match, and thus shows a medium difficulty. The overall item quality is good and all 32 items of K-RPH are retained.

Keywords: Instrument development, construct validity, reliability, Daily Lesson Plan, Rasch Model

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