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Desk games digitalization using radon transformation and color segmentation

M Horacek, L Beran, L Rejfek


The research is focused on real-time digitalization of board games. The information about the game progress in real time is frequently demanded by media in broadcasted tournaments. Recent solutions usually consist of an electronically modified playing board and modified playing objects. This system tends to be expensive and fits to top level tournaments more than casual regional tournaments with limited resources.

The goal was to create a system, which is easy to assemble and use while keeping the transmission and processing in real-time. The chosen solution utilizes a digital camera to obtain input data as a video stream. The data are then processed by Image processing methods. The proposed algorithm includes Radon transformation for board and playing field localization, then methods of Color segmentation for detecting the objects on the playing board. The system was modified and tested in a Chess game.

Keywords: Image processing, Radon transformation, Color segmentation

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