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Studying the effect of variation in volume fractions of carbon fibres on mechanical and electrical properties of copper based composites

T. Ahmad, S.S. Raza, M. Kamran, M.U. Manzoor, A. Salman


Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) belong to a class of weight efficient structural materials that are becoming popular in engineering applications especially in electronics, aerospace, aircraft, packaging and various other industries. This study focuses on the effect of varying carbon fiber wt. % on the mechanical properties of the Cu-C composite. The carbon fibers were coated with copper by electroless plating in order to increase the wettability of fibers with the copper matrix. Four compositions of copper based composite were developed by varying amount of carbon fibers. The yield strength decreases with increasing fiber size while the ultimate  tensile strength increases with increasing fiber size. Rockwell hardness test showed an increasing trend of hardness for increasing carbon fibers. The conductivity of Cu-C composite decreases by increasing carbon fibers content. Wear rate of Cu-C composite increases when carbon fibers
content increases in the composite. SEM/EDX analysis revealed the size and distribution of fibers and indicated the fracture phenomenon.

Keywords: Copper based Composites, Mechanical, Electrical and Wear Properties, Microstructure

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