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Assessment of release water reuse purified in Agriculture case station Allalik Annaba

F. Abour, M. Hannouche, M.S. Belksier


The treatment of wastewater can be achieved collectively in the Allalik station in Annaba. Thus, the station provides a global wastewater  treatment to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem as a whole. The results obtained for the contamination on the Selenuim index (CI = 6.5) shows that the analyzed water is polluted by the Selenuim. For other  parameters analyzed the values obtained for IC compliant. It can be seen from the Comparison between the quantity of polluting substances  contained in the wastewater before and after treatment a sufficient diminution of this quantity of  pollutants; therefore the use of this purified water in the natural environment does not degrade the latter.

Key words: wastewater, Pollution, Contamination, Selenium.

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