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A Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) study for Algerian asphaltenes

H.A. Abbas, M. Hacini, M. Khodja, C. Benaamara


despite that the Algerian light oil contain a few quantity of asphaltenes (under to 0.7 wt %)but The problem of their deposition during the oil production and transportation is strongly suggested, this deposition of asphaltenes does not depend on the percentage of asphaltenes in the oil but depends on their chemical composition which affects the behavior of asphaltenes. Functional Groups of Algerian Asphaltenes was investigated using A Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR),This study characterizes a Six samples of asphaltenes were collected from Hassi Messaoud’s oil field at different locations, all samples were extracted using n-heptene with with 1:40 (g/ml) (oil to solvent ratio),the obtained results indicated the   existence of aliphatic, aromatic and sulfoxide groups with different  intensities. This study confirmed that the asphaltenes precipitation was occurs in all Hassi Messaoud’s oil field locations.

Keywords: Asphaltenes; Extraction; Characterization; A Fourier-TransformInfrared (FTIR); Algerian Light oil.

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