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Evaluation of medical science staff awareness of factors causing high blood pressure and its complications in Yasouj year 2017

H. Niknam, M. Shahroodi, S. Rezaie, F. Keshavar


Introduction: Blood pressure is the force per unit area of the blood vessel wall is entered and measured in millimeters of mercury systolic and diastolic pressure, and is therefore expressed. Various risk factors that can be a precursor to hypertension, such as poor nutrition and highcalorie foods and salty, high blood pressure, family history, gender, age, BMI is increasing. Early symptoms include high blood pressure, dizziness, redness of the face, and headache, which, if not treated promptly, can damage the kidneys, eyes, or lead to stroke and stroke and ultimately cause death. The most important factors affecting high blood pressure are age, genetic background and food. In this study, we studied the factors affecting high blood pressure and its complications among staff members of Yasouj University of Medical Sciences.

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