Author Guidelines

1. Manuscripts may be submitted to Journal for Juridical Science in Afrikaans or English. The desired length of articles is 7 000 words, while 4 500 words is regarded as the minimum and 11 000 as the maximum. 2. Two typed copies of manuscripts must be submitted. In addition submission on computer disc in MS-Word or WordPerfect files. In general, word processing should be kept as simple as possible. 3. When submitted, manuscripts must be in finally edited, carefully redacted and well finished form. The Editorial Staff places a high premium on readability, fluency of style and clear exposition. 4. Manuscripts are considered for publication on condition that the Editor reserves the right to make such alterations as he sees fit to bring the style and presentation into line with the practice of the Editorial Staff. If considerable changes are necessary, the manuscript may be returned to the author for correction or approval. Copyright is transferred to Journal for Juridical Science on acceptance for publication. 5. Titles should be short and concise. Supply suitable headings and subtitles where necessary. Number sections and subsections by means of Arabic figures and full stops, that is 3. is followed by 3.1 and 3.1.1 (up to a maximum of three levels). 6. Footnotes Source references in the text must be in the Harvard style at the bottom of pages (or at the end of the article), as follows: 1 Coetzee & Brink 1986:234-245. 2 Du Plessis et al 1987a: 15 ev. 3 Standard Bank v Neugarten 1987 3 SA 695 W:703 C-D. 4 Standard Bank v Neugarten: 706. 5 Tsutso 1962 2 SA 666 SR: 668-669. 6 Close Corporations Act 69/186: sec 55(3)(6). 7 Close Corporations Act: sec 56. 8 GK 162 Government Gazette 1974: 103(4157). 9 GK 162/1974: reg 3. 10 Voet: 37 6 1. 7. Footnotes should be limited to genuine footnotes, that is, notes about the contents which contain relevant and essential elucidation of the text. Limit the number of footnotes to the minimum. The position of the note must be indicated in the text in Arabic figures in superscript, without any brackets. 8. Bibliography A complete bibliography in the Harvard style must be provided, giving all relevant details. List all sources in the form of an alphabetical list according to author, in the following basic format: Coetzee HJ 1977. Inflation in South Africa. Acta Economica 27(3):17-36. Johnson HJ 1977. The effect of legal policy. American Law Review 36(2): 23-42. Snyman AL 1986. Menseregte en politiekehervorming. Van Rensburg 1986: 1-34. Van Rensburg CD (red) 1986. Menseregte in Suid-Afrika. 2de uitg. Pretoria: HAUM. Voet J 1698-1704. Commentarius ad Pandectas. Vol 1. Den Haag: De Hondt. 9. Avoid uncommon abbreviations and acronyms. Stereotyped Latin terms such as per se must be italicized. 10. Full relevant details of the author, and if applicable, the origin of the article (for example a paper at a congress) must be provided. 11. Two summaries of as close as possible to 200 words in both Afrikaans and English must be included. 12. The author of the article receives 3 of the relevant number of the journal. 13. More detailed instructions to authors are available from: The Editor Journal for Juridical Science Internal Box 82, UFS Posbus 339 Bloemfontein 9300 SOUTH AFRICA Tel : +27 (051) 401-2678/401-2697

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