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A bilingual English-Sesotho rubric explanation guide for the marking of Sesotho home language creative writing essays

Johannes Sibeko


Language classes are marked using rubrics. Nevertheless, using the same rubric does not necessarily automate a uniform interpretation  of the rubric. It is important to clearly define rubric criteria for teachers in order to counter the problem of misalignment in the usage of the rubric to mark learner essays. This article presents and explains a rubric explanation guide for the marking of Sesotho Grade 10 Home
Language creative writing essays based on the interpretations of nine teachers from six schools in the Metsimaholo education district. The explanation guide is presented bilingually in English and Sesotho. This article presents a more in-depth explanation guide for the rubric
which was proposed in Sibeko (2016). The aim hereof is to ensure that teachers comparably understand rubric criteria and approach marking from the same point of view. For the purpose of this article, the rubric used by teachers in the said district is discussed. Both  novice and experienced teachers stand to benefit from this explained rubric guide.


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