Teachers’ Knowledge and Practices in Using Digital Literacy in Enhancing Communicative Competence in the English as a Second Language Class

  • Folakemi O. Adeniyi-Egbeola
  • Kelechi J. Achike
  • Yekeen Bello


This study explored teachers’ knowledge and practices in using digital literacy in enhancing the communicative competence of English as a second language (ESL) learners. This is because there are different types of data in the digital domain, which necessitate their use in  various fields of learning. One hundred teachers of English from South-west Nigeria participated in a survey through online platforms.  After analyzing the data through both descriptive and inferential statistics, the major findings revealed the following: (1) ESL teachers have maximum knowledge of the existence of many of the existing digital tools (2) they largely perceive that digital literacy can be used to  enhance communicative competence, but do not maximally use the digital tools to do so, (3)the digital divide is a major factor limiting teachers’ use of digital tools in enhancing learner communicative competence. In view of this, it is therefore recommended,firstly, that  teachers be given adequate training on the use of digital tools in enhancing the communicative competence of ESL learners. Secondly, the government and other stakeholders should invest more in technology particularly in the area of education. Lastly, ESL teachers should make conscientious efforts to deploy digital tools in teaching to enhance the communicative competence of the learners.


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eISSN: 0259-9570