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Taalvermenging by die sprekers van die Sothotale: 'n Linguistiese perspektief op die gebruik van hulpwerkwoordgroepe

Willie Pretorius


The aim with this article is to prove that a unique language strategy such as the usage of auxiliary word groups in the Sotho languages is no longer productive in the spoken language. The focus is placed on the tendency to avoid expressions marked by auxiliary word groups by means of code mixing. Some transcribed conversations from a tape recorder have been selected to form a basis for the investigation. The popular usage of foreign words or expressions are highlighted compared to specific language strategies used in pure standard Northern Sotho to express equivalent concepts. Some existing perspectives from which research has been done in linguistic borrowing, code mixing and code switching are also briefly discussed.

Keywords: Sotho languages, language mixing, code switching, auxiliary verbs

Journal for Language Teaching Vol. 39(2) 2005: 261-272
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