Vygotskian methods of teaching and learning in the English classroom: the case of grammar

  • C Macdonald
  • M Pinheiro
Keywords: Vygotsky, Hedegaard, Wells, Tharp and Gallimore, grammar, mediation, zone of proximal development, collaboration


This paper describes an alternative approachto the teaching of concepts related to theEnglish curriculum, namely literature, writing summaries and grammar. It combines ashift in the theory of school learning development by a combination with a psychologicaltheory of development. The research was conducted over the period of six months witha class of 20 Grade 10 girls at a private convent school. A method was designed whichincluded the concepts of “mediation”, “the zone of proximal development,” “the doublemove”, using the classical interpretations. In this paper, the research on grammar isdescribed; specifically, parts of speech. The result of this teaching experiment was a veryhigh level of English grammar learning in the classroom.

Key words: Vygotsky, Hedegaard, Wells, Tharp and Gallimore, grammar, mediation,zone of proximal development, collaboration.


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eISSN: 0259-9570